Art & Photos

Visual Story

By Fuad Alyamani

This visual story by Fuad Alyamani shows the hope and frustration in a young boy's life in Palestine. His light strokes and movement produce a distinctly empathetic experience.

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Jul 30,2023

Views From the Warsha

By Jeanine Yacoub

In a few images, Jeanine Yacoub's photography shows the (de)construction of Palestinian life and the settler expansion of the Occupying force. A gripping series of photographs.

Jul 30,2023

Unveiling the Power of Bullets: Silencing Voices or Reigniting Resilience

By Ali Asfour

Ali Asfour, a Palestinian analog film photographer, fearlessly wields his camera to capture the unvarnished truths of the Israeli occupation. He reveals hidden narratives, capturing the very essence of Palestinian resilience and resistance, forcing us to challenge our preconceived notions and dive into introspection. Asfour illuminates the shadows of oppression, championing the resilience of his people and provoking us to act. With each click of the shutter, he captures not only the stark realities of occupation but also the flickering flames of hope that refuse to be extinguished

Jul 29,2023

Postage Stamps from Gaza

By Fahed Shehab

Fahed Shehab is a visual artist from Gaza Palestine. His work intertwines artistic concepts with a desire and search for knowledge. In his work, he conveys his own experience and everyday life towards a path of learning through art.

Jul 29,2023

Tormented egos and rituals of salvation

By Fadwa Al Qasem

In her art, Fadwa Al Qasem topples conservative notions of the feminine, with a gypsy spirit. Her artwork resides in private collections in Europe, the USA, and UAE.

Jul 29,2023

Visual Art

By Christina Qahoush

Christina Qahoush is an artist born in Jerusalem. In her artworks, the concept of humans’ relationships with nature and the borders between the two are central themes.

Jul 27,2023

Untitled Art

By Ghayad Khatib

Ghayad Khatib's work grapples with identity between individual and intergenerational trauma and often reflects on colonial inheritance and histories of peace.