Mamma, I'm fine

By Maya Murry

Read at the vigil for six year old Wadea Al Fayoume, who was murdered in cold blood, "Mamma, I'm fine" is a painful reminder of the blind hatred Palestinians have to endure.

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Nov 06,2023

Glass for Breakfast

By Nur Turkmani

"Glass For Breakfast" takes us from Lebanon to Palestine and echoes the connection between their peoples in grief, anger, sorrow and longing.

Oct 30,2023


By Rua Jendawe

Jandawe's poetry is a laborious attempt at personal and collective reflection. Her gripping lines thwart social convention and confront the reader one word at a time.

Oct 25,2023

Save the Cat!

By Eyad Barghuthy

In this playful piece, Barghuthy wrestles as much with his cat as he does with himself. An extraordinary tale of the life of a writer and his pet.

Jul 27,2023

Mediterranean habits

By Aicha Yassin

In her poetry, Aisha Yassin plays with form and language itself. Classical metaphors are intertwined with sentences echoing the gruesome reality of the occupation. The experience of the Palestinian diaspora; the hope, frustration, and guilt are quintessential to her work.

Jul 27,2023

Letters to Shakira

By Mahmoud Shukair

Have you ever wondered how Shakira divides her Palestinian family? Then read this wonderful and funny story by Mahmoud Shukair.

Jul 27,2023

Punishment is Here

By Ahmoodo

In this capturing piece, Ahmoodo intertwines the existential questions of the protagonist with ordinary scenes of life in Gaza.

Jul 27,2023

First Ambassador

By Zamak Saadat

Suffering and mourning are ubiquitous in all Palestinian families. Dealing with the unspeakable loss we face every day can barely be put into words. Saadat’s reflective poetry takes us to places we don’t like to be on the border between the living and the dead.

Jul 27,2023

Flat on a Spirit Board

By Mai Serhan

My father left me a name, so the whole village would love me. He left a village flat on a spirit board for my fingers to rove the